Tuesday, July 24, 2012

google course on searching.

I join a number of online courses during the year, and will generally have about three on the go at the one time. I'm not looking for certification, just knowledge and will at any one time only be concentrating on one of them. So why three?  well often the blurb for a course will be very enticing, but when you come to the course it doesn't live up to the description, or the material may be more demanding than I expected. Sometimes I find a course which on the face of it did not promise much turned out to be excellent. Two online places which carry good courses are udacity and coursera, both of which have good provenances, and I find the quality of material from them generally excellent.
This month I also signed up with a new to me course provider, google at this web site Power Searching With Google and while I found the initial sections of the course a bit slow, it was just getting interesting. I was in the middle of watching a lesson this morning and when I clicked next, I was jumped to a page saying:

Thank you for your interest in the Power Searching with Google class! The class is now closed. Although you will no longer be able to earn a certificate, you'll still be able to view the videos and do the online activities on your own starting July 25, 2012.

Arghh I don't mind no cert, but the class was just getting interesting and I've got a little spare time today to do some more of it. 
Still by the time you read this, the course is probably back up in a non certification mode and its well worth dipping into.Enjoy.

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