Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updating this once more.

On the 25th of June, my disks still had not arrived, and once more I contacted apple support, this time using the apple call we will call you button.
We got as far as a shipping number for the FedEx shipment and the service rep indicated that there was some problem with the address. He was not able to contact the shipping department himself, but gave me a FedEx tracking number. He said that shipping finished earlier in the day and that if I called back earlier the following night, they might be able to do something about it.
I checked the FedEx site, and the shipment showed that it had arrived in Dublin on may 2nd and had an address problem. They also stated that the address had to be updated by the shipper.
I contacted apple again (on my nickel, via their 1850 number) this morning, and trooped through the numbers. They said I had to contact FedEx about it, I explained that FedEx’s web site said it was the shipper who had to make the changes. We took down my address again, and tied it down to the serial number of the Imac.  The rep said That’s an older 17” Imac isn’t it?  I agreed it was and I was then put on hold while he talked to the shipping department. 
Apparently it was not possible for them to talk to FedEx in Dublin, so once more I gave my address and a new set off disks are on their way and will arrive in five to ten business days.
I asked about how this would affect the move to I cloud, as I couldn’t upgrade my machine in time, and then it got interesting.  He said that there would be an extension of mobile me for a couple of weeks, so long as it was applied for by the 29th, but I should contact mobile me apple help. 
It had been about another 30 minutes on the phone, this morning’s call on my nickel, and I hadn’t the time or the energy to call mobile me support about this.  But I will in the morning, after I’ve got out a good book to read and poured my morning coffee.

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