Thursday, June 7, 2012

MAC Mail update

Further to my last post a couple of updates may be in order. I talked on Tuesday 27th to another advisor, who agreed to ship a new set of disks, and said to contact support if nothing had arrived by Wednesday of the following week. I waited until Thursday, and then called. After perhaps 5 minutes that chat session ended prematurely when the line dropped, and the following is a transcript of my third support chat, which lasted 53 minutes.

Chat Support
2:55 p.m. on Thursday, June 7, 2012
Duration: 00:53:36
Case Number : 320541432
Representative: Joshua
Advisor [2:55 p.m.]:
Hi, welcome to Apple! My name is Joshua with MobileMe support. Please give me a moment to look over the
information you provided.
Advisor [2:56 p.m.]:
Hello, Laurence. While I look over your pre-chat survey, can you please tell me whether you have chatted in
about this particular issue before?
In the pre chat survey, I listed all support call numbers, and the shipping reference sent on by the Advisor with whom I had made contact on the 27th of May.
Customer [2:56 p.m.]:
Hi Joshua yes I have.
Customer [2:57 p.m.]:
I was chating about 5 minutes ago, but seem to have got cut off
Advisor [2:57 p.m.]:
So just to be sure, I understand that you have recently requested a Snow Leopard Disk so you can take the first
step in upgrading to Mac Os X Lion, however you have not yet received that disk. Is this correct?
Customer [2:58 p.m.]:
yes. I have requested it initialy via the mobile me splash screen prompts, and subsequently via a suport advisor
who told me to contact support if they did not arive by nednesday
Advisor [3:00 p.m.]:
Thanks, I can definitely understand the importance of wanting to get ahold of this free upgrade disk, so i will do
my very best to assist you. Now i will need just 3-5 minutes. Also just to let you know in advance, if I stop typing
for a few minutes while we are chatting, I am still here, It's just that i may have to repeatedly look into your
account and use other tools to help with this.
Customer [3:02 p.m.]:
Thats ok. I felt the other chat had terminated because my comments were no longer being echoed to the screen
Advisor [3:05 p.m.]:
Just to clarify, on which date did you originally fill the Splash page for that Snow Leopard Disk?
Customer [3:07 p.m.]:
I dont know, but I see from my entry on my customer care blog that it was a number of weeks prior to the 27th
on may. I think it was mid to late april, but I am not sure
Customer [3:08 p.m.]:
my bog entry is at

Advisor [3:09 p.m.]:
Just to clarify Laurence, I understand that you Signed up for that Free Copy of Snow Leopard back in Mid April.
Customer [3:09 p.m.]:
Yes. That is correct.
Advisor [3:10 p.m.]:
Thanks! that's all needed for now. I'll be just a few more moments While I continue to look into this for you.
Customer [3:10 p.m.]:
I wonder could it be an issue related to the fact that I lived in the USA from 2006 to 2008, when my mac account
was based there?
Advisor [3:12 p.m.]:
When Signing up for your Copy of Snow Leopard you are prompted to enter your current Address so that
shouldn't be the issue. I'll be just a few more moments.
Customer [3:14 p.m.]:
This is odd. I just got an email from you with a new case number, but when I clicked on the case number to see
details the site responded with We're sorry, but the case number and email address do not match our records.
Verify your information and try again, or use another email address if you have one. might you have database
corruption problem which is messing up this transaction?
Advisor [3:15 p.m.]:
Laurence that is not the problem. I need just a few moments while I look into this. I'll update you as soon as I
know more.
Customer [3:16 p.m.]:
Advisor [3:22 p.m.]:
What do you see when you login to
at the moment?
Customer [3:24 p.m.]:
working on it
Customer [3:24 p.m.]:
it says Leopard is on its way
Customer [3:25 p.m.]:
my suport profile gives the following as my address: I've removed this, but the address quoted is a mixture of my new Irish address appended to my old American address with a US post code
might this be an issue?

As I mentioned above when filling out the Snow leopard form you are prompted to enter your current Mailing
address so that is not the issue. I will need just a few more moments while I look into this. Thanks for you
Advisor [3:26 p.m.]:
Also, Just to clarify, if you seen the bubble in the lower portion of our chat session, that does mean I am
currently typing.
Advisor [3:32 p.m.]:
Just to clarify, What is the Case ID from the last time you chatted in about this issue?
Customer [3:35 p.m.]: These were all given in the pre chat survey form, but I repeated them
just checking, 320541432, about 45 mins ago, and prior to that 317736822, but I think the most relevant
number is
SRF ID: 2153566 which was the last person who said they were shipping stuff.
Advisor [3:35 p.m.]:
Alright Thanks for waiting Laurence. Alright, Now we have been able to locate that you last advisor did setup
another Mail out. Now this last Mail out was sent on only the 30th. It is on the way and should be received within
the next 6-12 business days. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Customer [3:42 p.m.]:
The email I received from that support call indicated that it would take 2-3 business days. I don't feel that just
adding 6-12 business days really resolves my problem. I still think that the fact that your records give a wrong
address for me may explain why for the second time I have not received mail. Remember this issue did not
originate on the 30th, but about three weeks prior to that at least.
Advisor [3:44 p.m.]:
Laurence there is nothing we can do to make that disk ship any fast. It should arrive within business days. that's
the most information we have available. You disk is heading to the right address. Have I addressed all of your
questions today?
Customer [3:48 p.m.]:
I would be happy to accept your word for this, If I could be sure that you have my right address. I'm sorry If I
sound impatient, or skeptical. It would reassure me if you could tell me from your records what address it is
shipping to.
Advisor [3:48 p.m.]:
The chat session has ended. Thanks for using Apple's Chat support

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