Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mac mail or me mail mobile me

Having fun with customer suport from mac for the new version of their online email program.
My opening issue is that it has changed my email address from to, which means that I can no longer post to any of the email lists which I am a member of.
I then tried to find out how to change it back, and got, after a number of layers on the costomer suport website to a page with the option of chating to a customer suport person, and this is where the fun starts, if I click the button
and get lucky, I get to a page which asks me to enter all my details again, and the when I finish that and submit it gives me a plank popup box which says "you must use enter rather than clicking to submit", thats if I get lucky, otherwise I end up clicking the chat suport buton and after a short time being returned to the top of the help page stack.

Not impresed for a premium email service for which I pay apple about 110 euro's per year.

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